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Lost and Found Software
Powerful Lost and Found made easy! The only Software and App with Image Recognition.

Imagine after losing your cell, there was a way to check the website of the company you suspect to have lost it at and see all of their found phones for yourself. With images and all. Awesome, right? And indeed, it is! As a customer, you’ll quickly calm down when you see your lost property was found and is being kept safe. Then all they need to do is immediately claim the item. Done!

From a company perspective, the process is also amazing for multiple reasons. There are less calls to manage and the customer can use the unique self-service…

Enable your smartphone to connect to Lost and Found Software Software to take pictures.

Pictures are an essential tool for successful lost and found processes that offer many advantages. For example, you’ll save time usually spent rummaging through storage units in search for a visual of a specific item. Need to see an item with Lost and Found Software? Just click on it! Further, storage units needn’t even be local or centralized, because with the digital lost and found image library, place of work can be completely independent from place of storage.

All that is necessary is a Lost and…

You found something that has a tracking hardware attached to it? Great! That’ll make it easier to return the item to the rightful owner with the Lost and Found Software.

As a Lost and Found Software user, you have multiple options to proceed.

“Optical Character Recognition (OCR)” or simply “Text Recognition” for the easiest, fastest, and most hassle-free Lost and Found Experience worldwide.

Just take a picture of a found item with any text on it, i.e. a serial number. The Lost and Found Software does the rest! Additionally to utilizing the existing image recognition technology, which recognizes, identifies, and categorizes the item, the Software now even recognizes any texts and numbers.

Adding as much information as possible to a found item is the key to successfully returning found items in no time. That will give you the advantage you need for faster…

The best thing you can do is use existing technology to increase the chances of returning found items.

Without modern Software, an average found item costs your staff 45 minutes

With COVID-19, companies are looking for better ways to cut hours and save costs. Lost and Found is, unfortunately, a cost center for most. But it is important for your brand and reputation in so many ways (learn more about Customer Relations here:

Current Lost and Found Solutions were often made by IT departments or IT providers years ago. That’s why the solutions often reflect the state of technology…

There are many reasons to optimize your Lost & Found. First and foremost, companies that allow for digital innovation immediately experience an increased success rate that lasts.

Different approaches have been taken by Lost & Found providers, so ask yourself (and the provider) the following questions:

  • Does the provider’s software offer a revenue sharing model that rewards you for successful returns?
  • Do they add additional fees on top, charging your customers extra for returning their item?

Be sure to choose the best solution for your company’s revenue and customer service. …

The travel industry has faced extensive challenges in the past year. Many, in an effort to save their business operational costs, have started considering free lost and found solutions. However, free services bring along more than just decreased expenses. In this article, we examine the option of free lost and found software and what that means for your business.

What free lost and found service really means

Free doesn’t exist in today’s business world. Businesses offer free services with another goal in mind. …

“Did you get my mail?” In times of enhanced cyber security and (rightfully) implemented safety measures, you can never be sure if your email reaches your recipient. As the sender, this can not only be annoying, but also disturb your entire workflow.

Email is only one part of our customer engagement experience.

In order to make sure you reach your customers and reunite them with their property, Lost and Found Software has now introduced SMS notification.

We complete the customer engagement with SMS Notifications.

The new feature increases the number of messages your customers receive, which in turn also increases and ensures the successful return orders processed. More orders, more revenue, more happy customers!

Keep your customers informed every step of the way and let them be part of the return process via SMS/IM — ONLY with

Sometimes all you need is a paint job in order to let the things you love shine in a bright new light. Taking this to heart, Lost and Found Software has just implemented over 270 new standard icons for lost property items.

Don’t be complicated. Why produce or order expensive safebags with barcodes and numbers printed directly on them?

Lost and Found Software

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